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The Missing Book

What is reading? What are you reading? What is the difference of text and blankness and what do they tell you?

This is what I want to question the reader, by my book design. The sentences that tell the story are crossed — is a story necessary? Space is constructed in text — how does time pass and what had happened in-between? Are you reading the blankness?

Instead of presenting the book for reader, I allow the public to go to the bookcase and dig for the “real” book among 16 empty books. I intend to let them questioned, also with the interaction and effort they pay.

The novel, in the style of stream of consciousness doesn’t narrate either a great story, or construct a deep thought. It only depicts and simulates the feelings that pass through the mind. I always like to read this kind of literature to get lost, and to forget my expectation from the reading. This time, I want people not only to read and get the things they “want” from reading, but also focus and think about the activity of reading itself.