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Wake up—make the bed—drink chlorophyll water or celery juice, one cup of detoxication, good organ and lymphatic release—take vitamins, get dressed—read the news with a green tea face mask on—get ready for: twists, squats, and stretches, lunges, punches, and crunches—warm up the core and glutes—jumping jacks for the final burn—control your breath—regulate your pulse—ice bath for the total cooldown. Keep in mind: 20 sets, 10 rounds each, 3 bucks of ice for 10 mins of cold therapy. Now, every inch of your skin is greeted: Good morning.⁣

On Friday September 24th, for ONE evening, together with Diana Gheorghiu, we present our ‘Morning Routines’ at PIP Den Haag PIP Expo. I am so happy coming back to PIP—the place with so many good memories—this time with my work and performance! At the same time I am thrilled imagining what will happen in this amazing but undefined space—art? gym? night club? LETS MAKE EVERYTHING HAPPEN!!!⁣

PIP Expo | 18:00~0:00

Organised by Alex Webber & Laura Snijders
Artists: Kexin Hao & Diana Gheorghiu
graphic design by Kexin Hao
Photography: Helena Roig