how 'bout.... home

Kexin is a visual artist from Beijing and a graphic design student at Royal Academy of Art in the Hague. Her practices focus on lens-based media and largely involve performance, events and public interaction.

Kexin looks beyond simply “being Asian” but always try to bring up more hybrid discourses such as diaspora and nostalgia as an Asian in Europe.

Kexin’s work is a constant swing between intimate close-up on personal stories and zoom-out to collective narratives; between a past of political heaviness and a flashy modernity rendered in humour and sarcasm.

Kexin hosts nail salons and karaoke as her artistic practices. They are attempts of breaking the the wall between art and mundanity, as well as building communities and togetherness in spaces.

Her technical skills include: coding, web developing, video editing, print making.