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He Looks

I have been hunting for second hand soft porn comics from thrift stores and flea markets here for a while. There are tons of them all telling a heterosexual story, heavily stereotyping and sexualising women. Quite many among them also like to depict women of colour, to highlight the imperial references and colonial masculinity in a white perspective.

I get embarrassed, overwhelmed, but also often times *secretly* fascinated by them. It felt like: I know all the stories going on here, but I would like to read them one by one, to confirm the “same old shit”. They keep reminding me that, even though we are witnessing a change in narrative in film/comic/entertainment industry, the male and colonial hegemony is still everywhere, has been mass produced and been surrounding us in an innocent, uncensored format.

While my collection is still growing, I decided to present some of them in a publication, along with four crucial texts on male gaze and colonial gaze.