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Hi Google!

I spent months browsing at Google Map street view and looking for people reacting to the Google street view camera. I was addicted to the simple action of clicking and moving through the website. And my senses have become alert when it comes to hunting the image of the tiny waving hand.

I am silent behind the screen, an anonymous user, an internet hoarder and a client-less detective.

We live in an overload of ‘self image’ and its celebration. What fascinates me in the collection of the “google greetings” is the anonymity and the visibility. People who wave/pose to the google street view camera and the user who sees the image on a browser both remain anonymous. And the google devices between these two ends are anonymous machinery. Only the message, which is given through the gestures, is left there, with a testimony of its own “here” and “now”. It is a powerful testimony because of its total visibility, proved by an accessibility of a global user base.

The Hi_Google collection is only based on found image but proposes a post-photography approach by showing the selectivity in found image.

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