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Jump Rope to Write Letters

How do you write? How do people define the action of writing? Does it always invole hand, pen and paper?

Looking for alternative ways of "writing" and reconstructing the meaning of writing, I use body movement in a certain game to achieve it.

“An in-between place provides the common ground where conflicting polarities can again become twin phenomena.” Inspired by Aldo van Eyck’s point of view on architecture, I want to express the sentence in a spacious and dynamic typographical way.

I had lots of joy from the jumping rope game when I was a kid. I think this game is a great system showing two polarities being reconciled: you are in and out, and in again.

I shaped the letters by jumping rope in a route of the how you write the letters. In this way, I let the “in-out” polarities meet, and the “writing” itself re-judicated.