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World Fusion Food Foundry is an invented playground where I experiment how food can be an overloaded signifier, a carrier of politics and cultural identities.

In the performances, I try to combine a provocative politician’s language to the act of giving cooking shows. I have borrowed and brought the expression from Mao and Stalin while preparing food, to examine the possibility to extract and isolate rhetorics from action. Born and raised in China, I have observed and picked up the language of political leaders on the media and propaganda. Since I moved to Europe, this type of language has become more and more alien to me, but still well perserved in my memory.

This work is about the remembrance of those grandiose rhetorics, revolutionarist passion and the communist mania, and also about an resolution to my awkward relationship with them.

I transformed cooking show into a live cooking buffet to the public, at the event CinemAsia presents : Live in between vol. 2: Trans-dialogue