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Yes Sir I Can Boogie


"Yes sir, I can boogie." — a 80s hit disco song by a Spanish female duo Baccara got viral in Europe back in the days. While showing a woman's perspective in the song, the single is written by Frank Dostal and Rolf Soja, and produced by Soja — who are all MEN. Before the production of the song and the fame, the duo were spotted by Leon Deane, the record company's manager — who is also MAN. And in those video clips of live performance, you will see that MEN are the major audience and the ones that enjoy the song.

This illustrates the female role in the music(and a lot more) industry — being qualified, designed and sold — as a doll in a package. And the money goes to men. Two ladies were dressed up, twisting their bodies stiffly on the stage — you wonder if they enjoyed themselves, maybe it's a yes. But who ever cared? Who ever asked them?

I re-performed this song and would like to show the women's reversed role: being the initiative, and the agency itself: being able to design the stage and choose my audience. Being sexy, because I want to, not from someone else's force. Being loud: Yes sir, I can boogie. Because I want to say so, not because you ever want to hear that.